Photo About Israel's nature and wildlife

About Israel's nature and wildlife

About Israel's nature and wildlife

Israel is a country in the Middle East. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the Southeast, and the Red Sea to the North. Israel has a rich wildlife diversity due to its geographic location and tropical, temperate climate. In fact, Israeli wildlife encompasses over 2,800 plant species, most of which are found in the coastal plains.

Citrus farming is important in Israel. The desert region of Israel has very scarce vegetation. Forested areas are located in Mount Meron and Mount Carmel. Find out more about Israeli wildlife and nature.

Endemic wildlife fauna species

Israel is home to over 104 mammal species. Fauna diversity is due to the fact that Israel wildlife comes from different regions, especially Europe, Africa, Egypt, Arabia and the Indian subcontinent. Apart from that, Israel is home to approximately 540 bird species, 1,700 fish species, and 100 reptile species. Here are some of Israel's endemic animal species.

  • Mountain Gazelles are mammals of brown and white color with ornate horns. They belong to the bovidae family, of the antilopinae subfamily. They inhabit most parts of Israel, especially in the coastal regions.
  • Hyraxes (D. Arboreus) or dassies are small herbivorous, furred mammals, with short tails. They inhabit the rocky surfaces of Israel. Hyraxes look like rodents, but they have the characteristics of elephants with their incisor teeth, flattened nails, and long claws.
  • Black-throated loons are migratory, aquatic birds of the family of Gaviidae. They are found in the freshwater lakes in Israel. The bird has black upper parts, with a grey head and a grey hind-neck.
  • Sinai Agama is a reptile which is found in the arid part of Israel. The lizard is small, with long, slender legs. The male has a brown color or bright blue color; whereas the female is dull brown. In fact, the male Siani Agama turns blue during the mating season.
  • Nubian Ibexes inhabit the mountains of Israel. The male differs from the female in the size and shape of their horns. Nubian Ibexes are herbivorous and they are prey animals. Nubian Ibexes are endangered animals because of their habitat destruction, massive hunting, and because other carnivorous animals prey on them.

Israeli conservation effort

Urbanization has destroyed wildlife habitats. Therefore, many reforestation programs have been set up throughout the country. In addition, many conservation programs have been set up. Nowadays, there are nearly 115 national parks and 380 natural Reserves in Israel. The coastal plains of Israel hosts most of its wildlife where the climatic conditions are more favorable.

Explore the nature and the wildlife in Israel

Israel is home to several endemic wildlife species. Its rich animal diversity is mainly caused by the geographic location and a diverse climate of the country. Sharing borders with many countries, many animal species from different origins coexist in Israel.

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