Photo A time jump in Israel

A time jump in Israel

A time jump in Israel

Israel is a place of pilgrimage which shelters numerous holy places of Judaism and Christianism. 4 000 years of history shaped this country where the traditions remain strongly anchored. Foreign visitors are entitled to a journey in time as well as to an outstanding spiritual experience. 

The interesting country

Israel is situated in the oriental coast from the Mediterranean Sea to the Near East in Western Asia. It is bordered by the Red Sea in Northern shore.

Undergoing the yoke of the surrounding empires and countries for ages, its independence was proclaimed on May 14, 1948, by the United Nations. The capital city has always been a center of international debate because Tel Aviv is the Economic and Technological Center, but Jerusalem is the Center of Pilgrim's History.

More than a Biblical history

Well-known as the Biblical history, Israel is the right destination to seize the magic. If you are fascinated in history, spirituality or even Nature, the circuit is the best journey for you in order to fully appreciate the beauty and wealth of the Hebrew State.

  •  Haifa and the Northern shore. It's a fertile region. It is endowed with charming seaside resorts and renowned sites where the past never seems too far. Apart from a Biblical site, it is renowned as the venue of the final fight between the holy saints and the evil, or precisely the apocalypse to Megiddo. It is just fascinating.
  •  High Galilee and Golan. From the citadel of Nimrod to Mount Hermon, the region is endowed with many historical sites. Through the mystic city of Safad and the wine-producing exploitations, it is famous for local products and activities. Golan is the city of apples; and its spring water and prize-winning wine sell internationally.
  •  Tel Aviv, the economical region. With the sun, beaches, museums and galleries, it is considered to be the best tourist destination in Israel. The architecture is fascinating from the East to the West, and the night-life is just amazing. Tel Aviv has always been the first choice for those who have a passion for rhythmic life.
  •  West bank and the Dead Sea. These are irresistible destinations due to the relaxing beach along the Dead Sea. People are hospitable and welcoming; the sites are charming. It's a happy town which is rich in cultural diversity.
  •  Israel, the land of promises Cradle of the Christianity and the Judaism, every year Israel welcomes hundred thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. Any trip in Israel necessarily passes by the old town where three big monotheist religions abide: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Israel has been the Promised Land since Abraham's period; therefore it is a sacred place for Judaism. A myriad of miracles have happened at the time of Christ.

Both Christians and Muslims organize their pilgrimage to this destination every year. Sip a coffee in cardamom in a workshop of the old town of Jerusalem, or watch the sunrise near the Dead Sea, there is nothing more relaxing than a journey to Israel. Down from the fortress of Massada, cross Tel Aviv on foot: the trip to Israel is both a journey in space and time.

Organize your pilgrimage to Israel

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